In order to compile the Top 5 of albummasterpieces, please send an email with your own 5 favourites listed to the address below. Please sign off using your Twitter user name and the week number in which you picked your own 5 #masterpices. Please do not vote for your own picks – these will not be counted. Please list as artist, title and week number. The A to Z list is here.

If you haven’t picked your own 5 but would still like to vote, you are more than welcome and obviously can pick any 5 from the whole list.

When everyone has voted I will publish the Top 5, or, if there are more than 5 clear winners, I will create a poll on here and everyone can have 1 more vote until we have 5 winners. (it could take a while with 260 to choose from!)

Hope that makes sense.

Voting will not begin until the picks for Week 52 have been posted. The email voting will then remain open for 14 days.


Thank you


PS if you want, you can add to the bottom of your email the picks you wish you’d made had you had more than 5 and I’ll post a list on the blog.


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