#masterpieces revisited – the results

Just a quick post, minimal waffle, time is short.

There were a few changes requested, less than I expected actually, but then (a) people were forced to be quite careful the first time round, especially those who came later in the process (1st choices may have already gone), and (b) not everyone will have seen the post offering a chance to change!

The results are as follows

Week 2;
Swap out The Cribs in exchange for Mogwai – Young Team

Week 7;
Swap out Malcolm Middleton in exchange for The Leisure Society – Into The Murky Water

Week 14;
Swap out Deacon Blue in exchange for David Ford – The Arrangement

Week 18;
Swap out Madness in exchange for Billy Bragg – Life’s A Riot with Spy Vs Spy

Week 31;
Swap out Neil Young in exchange for Slipknot – Iowa
Swap out Donald Fagen in exchange for Opeth – Blackwater Park
Swap out Pearl Jam in exchange for Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

Week 33;
Swap out Counting Crows in exchange for Tommy Bolin – Teaser
Swap out Cockney Rebel in exchange for Tom Robinson Band – Power In The Darkness
Swap out Blondie* in exchange for Glen Hansard – Rhythm And Repose

The upshot would be no Pearl Jam, Neil Young or Blondie, but Billy Bragg is among those who take a well earned place on the list.

I would like to add Otis Redding – Otis Blue/Otis Sings Soul to the list, but have no idea what to swap out. Adele sort of seems the most obvious option, but I think she deserves to stay….

Thanks again for taking part everyone.

In my last post I mentioned I was mulling over a potential new Twitter based music blog thingy, but was hoping the moment would pass! It is still being mulled….

Aldo x


About albummasterpieces

Lover of music, keeper of the blog. Began on Twitter. DOB (Week 1 Day 1) = Dec 6 2010. Comments welcome.
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