#masterpieces revisited?

Chatting to friend and Masterpieces contributor @CloningPandas at a gig last night, we got to talking about if, 4 years on, we would stick with the choices we made, or if there have been albums in this time which would make the grade? And if there were, which would they replace?

I was a double contributor, nominating for weeks 1 and 52 of the project (blogger’s privilege) and off the top of my head can only recall 8 of the 10… Does this mean I was wrong for 2 of them?!

The other tricky aspect that Panda (as I call him) noted was that as the weeks went by, and others made their choices, the field was narrowed (had to pick albums that hadn’t already made the list) – does this inherently mean one or more of the picks from each person were second choices?

It’s food for thought, that’s for sure.

If you took part in the project and would like to make a change to your 5, while still abiding by the rule that you can’t pick an album already chosen*, please email me at albummasterpieces@outlook.com

If you took part and don’t want to make any changes, please email to tell me that too!

Now I’m going to go and look up the 2 that I have forgotten!


* we can’t unfortunately take into account anyone’s changes – “I would have picked x, y and z if they hadn’t been already, so if someone changes them and frees them up, etc” – the very thought is frying my brain!


About albummasterpieces

Lover of music, keeper of the blog. Began on Twitter. DOB (Week 1 Day 1) = Dec 6 2010. Comments welcome.
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