And the winner is… #masterpieces

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

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About albummasterpieces

Lover of music, keeper of the blog. Began on Twitter. DOB (Week 1 Day 1) = Dec 6 2010. Comments welcome.
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13 Responses to And the winner is… #masterpieces

  1. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a Roses fan, their music totally passed me by and I have never warmed to it since. I am sure living in Manchester and it being so lauded/overplayed/ubiquitous doesn’t help either.
    That said, this being a democracy, the album is a worthy winner – it got the most votes after all!
    Personally, it has left me a little deflated, not because it isn’t an album I own or like, but because it’s so damned PREDICTABLE! No doubt, as well as being a seminal classic, it owes much to the demographic and geographic location of the #masterpieces participants.
    What does everyone else think?

  2. On a year when they announce a return for some unfinished business (or a brilliant PR who can bag them a supreme amount of cash), it is slightly fitting that this album won. I have been listening to it a lot again recently, and it truly is one of the best things that has happened to Manchester – and British music. As many old folk would say (even though I’m not one of them), “They don’t make ’em like this any more”.

  3. SpursSimon says:

    I think I voted for it, and I do think it is a #Masterpiece in the true sense of your definition.
    Bloody democracy though – you should have just fixed it…

    Question would be – had we all had to only vote on one, would it have won, my guess would be no. Many people would have it in their top 5, but how many would actually pick as the sole winner?
    For those old enough to remember the original series of Auf Wiedersen Pet, the answer is “yellow”, meaning everyone gets what nobody wanted.

  4. @samwass says:

    Ha ha @SpursSimon “yellow” made me smile. Even though it was my choice, it does seem Predictable, but then again so is Rumours at #2.

  5. @fatfish59 says:

    Like you, The Stone Roses passed me by too. I have tried hard to like it, but it just doesn’t happen. But it was a major contribution to the rise of the british guitar band / britpop movement that re-energised music here. And for that, we should be grateful.

  6. @thisismusic says:

    Nostalaga, yes. But a quality album, also yes.

    I still feel The Stone Roses was a genre shifting moment of British musical history. As someone who came to Manchester, largely because of that album, I’m going to say that I suppose.

    I hope Aldo can get over the disappointment. Masterpieces has been fantastic. So much great music has been shared, it’s been a great success. As Si says, the winner is probably down to many people including The Stone Roses in their top 5, but not their number 1. Had we all had one pick? Well, I guess we might have had a huge list with 1 vote each.

    It took 10 weeks for TSR to make it into Masterpieces and personally I think it deserves it’s place. And as Aldo has always said, it’s all about personal taste!

    Let’s see whether TSR is given a visa for #twitterisland eh?

    Thank you Aldo. It’s been a great year. X

  7. amcyoung says:

    Thanks for a great year of masterpieces. Some true gems. Some just not my thing and some I don’t really get. However, one of the best things about music is how different people view the same thing in completely opposite ways.

    I agree with SpursSimon, would 1 vote have turned things out differently? Probably, but that would still not be right. I also agree with AlbumMasterpieces that it probably says something about the age and location of those voting, but it is clearly a masterpiece to many and that is what counts.

    Thanks again for a fabulous project.

  8. For those interested, 10 of the 43 voters included The Stone Roses – actually less than I expected (but more than I’d hoped!)

    Full league table will be published tomorrow.

  9. CloningPandas says:

    Pitching up in Manchester to study I was given a copy of this album on tape. To me it was amazing, I’d never heard anything like it before and it didn’t leave my oversized boombox for quite a long time. I would of picked it for one of my top 5 if I hadn’t been beaten too it.

    But I haven’t actually listened to it properly in a long time but no doubt will be digging it out next year before standing in a large park with every other Mancunian and nostalgia junkie.

    The beauty of masterpieces has been it’s personal nature, this is not decision by committee, its about albums that have a connection with a time, a place, a memory that mean something to us.

    Its been an honour and privilege to be part of it. Inspiring.

  10. Darren Lee (dazlee1) says:

    All in all a fantastic project,the winner worthy in its way,though the result a little deflating.Twitter was always a way to meet people who may have an interest in music,in this respect it has far outweighed my expectations.Such a varied and eclectic range of people you could ever wish to meet,thanks for making it a little exciting part of every day,wondering what the next choice would be,agree,disagree or sit back and watch the comments flowing through your timeline.Mature debate nearly always the order of the day,a brilliant project for which i would like too thank anyone i have entered into correspondence with,many thanks.

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